Name Description Price
Blast Bracer Small cone front facing attack. 12
Dagger Very small front facing attack. Default Weapon
Gauntlet Large punch in front of the player. The hitbox has an extended duration. 192
Heavy Blast Bracer Large cone front facing attack. Lower than normal attack speed. 48
Rapier Medium range attack that dashes you forward. Very high mobility. 48
Scythe Large aoe attack, but has some windup before hitting. Attack creates several small hitboxes over the duration. 192
Slash Medium sweeping attack in front of the player. Fastest attack speed of any weapon. 108
Spear Front attack with extremely long reach, but very narrow attack. 108


All spellbooks spawn with a random number of charges between 16 and 24. The starting number can be increased with Spellmaster orbs and charges can be replenished with either the effect of Siphoning orbs or by consuming a Potion of Spellbook Charges.



Base Cost Max



Blade Barrier Creates a whirlwind of scythes around you. 2? 5 300
Clouds Creates a rain of swords in a wide line, slowly extending from the front of the player. 4 7 300
Demitri's Chaos Simultaneously casts fire, lightning, gravity bomb, and mines spells. 5 11 Cursed


Fire Shoots 2-10 fireballs in targeted direction. 1 5 27
Gravity Bomb Create a black hole that sucks in nearby enemies. 2 5 108
Lightning Creates large explosion of lightning around the player. 2 5 27
Mines Scatters 5-20 mines around the area. 2 5 48
Mirror Image Creates 2-8 clones that will mirror your attacks. Disappears on contact with enemies. 2 5 48
Raise Dead Raises the bodies of fallen enemies to use as your pets. This book usually(always?) spawns cursed. 2 5 Cursed


Shockwave Summons shockwaves in targeted direction. They hit traps and dormant dino slimes as well as pass through walls. 4 7 27
Sword Fire Shoots 2-10 sword fireballs in targeted direction. Slower than normal fireballs, but hurts continually on contact without exploding. 1 5 300



Description Price
Boxer Boots Not attainable in game, but referenced in game files. Possibly either work in progress or removed. N/A
Bull Rush Boots Enemies you dash into will be momentarily stunned. 108
Double Boots Gives 2 dashes. Starting gear.
Fire Trail Boots Not attainable in game, but referenced in game files. Possibly either work in progress or removed. N/A
Flying Boots Hover above the ground. Lets you dodge spike traps. (and the spinning ones?) 75
Jump Boots Gives long hop instead of dash. 27
Running Boots Increases movement speed. 192
Sextuple Boots Gives 6 dashes. 192
Sliding Boots Gives 2 very long dashes, each about 2x farther than base dash. Dashes can be influenced, letting you slightly change the direction. 147
Spellwalk Boots You can cast spells while moving. 108
Stomping Boots Gives 2 dashes that deal damage to enemies by emitting shockwaves on your steps. 300
Super Boots Gives two very long dashes. 27
Super Fast Boots Gives 2 very long dashes, each about 2x farther than base dash. Increase base movement speed greatly. 300
Super Jump Boots You jump extra far, up to 3 times. On landing, you emit a small shockwave, dealing damage. 432
Teleport Boots Not attainable in game, but referenced in game files. Possibly either work in progress or removed. N/A
Triple Boots Gives 3 dashes. 27
Zippy Boots Gives 2 long dashes that deal damage to enemies by summoning lightning on your steps. 588





Alchemist Belt Gain a random consumable each floor and when leveling up. 48
Arc Pet Totem Gain a Spinner pet on each floor, who lunges at enemies with a 360 degree melee attack. 27
Blinking Stone You're quite slippery. Teleport whenever you take a hit. 108
Blood Orb Lose orbs instead of taking damage, less orbs spawn. Cursed


Broken Orb Orbs are more dangerous. Larger explosion when broken. 108
Cloak of Evasion Hard to hit. Chance to dodge attacks. 48
Cloak of Improved Evasion Really hard to hit. Higher chance to dodge attacks. 192
Diamond Orb Orbs can't break. 108
Experience Idol Gain more EXP. 108
Fire Pet Totem Summons an additional fire pet on each floor. The pet shoots fireballs at enemies. 27
Flag of Friendship Pets attack more often. 75
Invincibility Pin Invincible for longer after being hit. 147
Iron Pet Totem An invincible iron pet will follow you and stun enemies, as well as try to protect you.
Magnetic Belt Attract metal. 108
Mana Stone Gain 8 spellbook charges each floor. 27
Orb Pendant Get more ability orbs. 1 extra orb spawns every floor. 48
Pet Armor Allows pets to take 2 attacks before dying. 48
Really Shiny Mirror Improved spell resistance. 192
Shiny Mirror Spell resistance. 48
Sorcerer's Ring Spells are stronger. 363
Sword Fire Pet Totem Gain a Sword Fire pet on each floor. The pet shoots sword-fireballs that pass through enemies continuously dealing damage. 147
Thieves Tools Better loot from chests and instantly open chests. 147
Wizard Brooch Casting can't be interrupted. 108



Description Price
Ace of Blades Summon a swordsman to fight for you. 147
Mini Health Potion Restores 1 heart. Price increases with every purchase. 25+
Potion of Experience Grants experience based on current floor. 192
Potion of Gusts Summons tornadoes around you, knocking back enemies in range. 48
Potion of Health Restores 3 hearts. 75
Potion of Floating Gives levitation. 48
Potion of Freecast Cast spells without using charges for 10 seconds. 48
Potion of the Jackal Deals one damage on use, The Jackal judges you, either granting money, items, random potion/scroll effects, removing curse from all items, or spawning enemies. (Is it possible for enemies to spawn in the shop, or is it always a positive effect in the shop?) 27
Potion of Mistform Become mist, making the player invincible and unable to do anything for 5 seconds. Speed boost granted for duration. 108
Potion of Random Effects Grants random potion effect. 12
Potion of Speed Increases movement speed. 48
Potion of Spellbook Charges Gives 20 charges to current spellbook. 75
Potion of Unlearning Causes you to lose one random orb. 27
Scroll of Blade Barrier Casts the Blade Barrier spell. 48
Scroll of Demitri's Chaos Casts the Demitri's Chaos spell. 192
Scroll of Fire Casts the Fire spell. 48
Scroll of Friendship Summons 3-5 random pets. 75
Scroll of Gravity Bomb Casts the Gravity Bomb spell. 48
Scroll of Lightning Casts the Lightning spell. 48
Scroll of Mines Casts the Mines spell. 48
Scroll of Mirror Image Casts the Mirror Image spell. 48
Scroll of Random Effects Casts a random scroll. (Are any other effects possible?) 12
Scroll of Shockwave Creates long series of explosions in front of the player. 48
Scroll of Skill Orbs Spawns 4 random skill orbs. 192
Scroll of Teleport Uses the Teleport orb power. 48
Scroll of Uncurse Uncurses one of your cursed items. No effect if no cursed items. 75

Cursed Items

Cursed items cannot be unequipped. In the shop, cursed items have drastically reduced prices. If the player is wearing a cursed item, they will be unable to buy items for that slot from the shop.

Ways to remove cursed a item:

  • Scroll of Uncurse will remove curse from one item at random.
  • Potion of the jackal has a chance to remove curse from all items.
  • Cursed weapons can be stolen by Dino Slimes.
  • Sai will take cursed items, however she also may give cursed items. See Sai's page for details.