Floor enemies Edit

Name Image Description
Spr shadowMask 1
Occasionally shoots Fireballs at you. These can hurt other enemies if they hit a wall. They can also be reflected with a weapon. 2 HP
Spr raccoonIdle 1
Mindlessly runs at you. Does damage on contact. 1 HP
Spr skirmisherIdle 1
Will attempt to dash and slash into you. Can reflect fireballs.

2 HP

Spr hopliteStandAttack 1
Fights in groups of its own. Can reflect fireballs.

1 HP

Skull Slime
Spr skullSlime 2
Jumps and does an AOE attack upon landing. They are very bad at hitting players who are standing still. 1 HP
Dino Slime
Spr dinoSlimeChomp 13
Likes to hide under items and orbs as a green puddle. Sometimes will spring up and eat items, digesting them after a while. If you go near a dormant Dino Slime, they will move underneath you and attempt to hit you. Hitting a Dino Slime will cause it to eat your weapon. Kill them before they run away to get back the consumed items.

3-5? HP

Golem Throws out a shadowy hand. If it hits, pulls you to him. Also has an aura the effects the player if they stand too close.
Has two bodies, only one can be active at a time, they have several behaviors: shooting lasers, spawning Shadowmasks, shooting projectiles, or sliding away from the player. They always show up during the Lady in Black boss fight, and can show up outside of that from the Demon Chaos Card. Mini-Boss, hit 5(ish) times to defeat.
Spr mantisCastShield 0
Casts shields on its allies, granting them one extra HP.
Drops additional traps around the level. Kill them quickly before they have a chance to drop too many.

Bosses Edit

Name Image Description
Lady in Black
Mon ladyinblack-0
Surrounds self with many cards and summons a Demon.

Occasionally summons Shadowmasks, Ratcoons, Skirmishers, and Witches(?).

Hit 5(ish) times to defeat her.

In-depth boss strategies

Teleports around the map, throwing spells at you. Attacks you with a random weapon when in range. Also taunts you.

Summons more enemies the more he's hit.

In-depth boss strategies