Basic Advice

  • Occasionally try talking to everyone in town. Pauliver will give cards after certain conditions have been met, and the Librarian will give you hints on unlocking new cards.
  • Clearing all of the enemies on a floor grants a bonus to experience.
  • You do not need to fully clear every floor! Sometimes it's better to move on than take unnecessary damage.
  • If you're only missing one or two enemies, they may be Dino Slimes hiding. They tend to lurk near items on the ground.
  • Cursed items cannot be unequipped, but can still be worth using, especially high tier items.
  • Scholar is an incredibly strong chaos card that allows players to have essentially twice as many orbs per character level, with the only drawback being a smaller selection.

Good Combos

  • Rapier + Sliding Boots - Insane mobility and unlocks a gear card to start with these items.
  • Blade Barrier Spellbook + Siphoning Orb / Mana stone - Blade barrier is incredibly strong, allowing you to dive into hordes of enemies without fear. Siphoning and Mana Stone will replenish your charges.
  • Raise Dead Spellbook + Siphoning Orb + Pet Armor / Friendship Flag - Raise dead can create huge numbers of pets for the player, more of a supporting combination.
  • Scholar chaos card + Orb Pendant - The Orb pendant will create an extra (free!) orb every floor, which gives you more options if there are no good orbs in the shop.
  • Rapier + Auxiliary Attack Orb + Shocking Feedback - Increases spread of rapier and gives additional room clear for the rare instances you get hit. Shiny Mirror is a good complement, since most spells are harder to dodge than the vast majority of other enemy attacks.
  • Wizard card + Insanity card + Ace card + Siphoning - Still difficult because you only have 1 life, but very fun. At 1 life Ace will auto spawn on every floor, and his attacks will trigger siphoning. That combined with the mana regen of Insanity will keep Dimitri's Chaos charged up.