Skill Orbs

Name Image Effect Price
Agility Move faster. 147
Alchemy Consumables are better,
  • Health potions give you 1 extra hp per level of Alchemy
Arc Pet Affinity Summon an arc pet at the start of every floor. The pet will lunge at enemies with a spinning melee attack. 75
Auxiliary Attack Gain an additional basic attack when attacking. 75
Chunky Mess Weapons have a chance to explode monsters. 75
Fire Pet Affinity Summon a fire pet at the start of every floor. The pet will shoot fireballs at enemies. 75
Grab Bag Spawns a pile of loot. Can include consumables, equipment, and additional orbs. 75
Iron Pet Affinity Summons an invincible iron pet. 147
Lightning Rod Automatically hits nearby enemies with thunder attack. 75
Orb Eater Gain random bonus when consuming orbs. Can be an item drop or activating a consumable effect. 75
Power Attack Hit harder. No extra damage, but more knockback on hits. 75
Regeneration Recover 1 heart at the start of every floor, and when leveling up, and now. 75
Replenishment Fully healed and 50(?) spell charges. 147
Scavenger Enemies drop more zenny. 75
Shocking Feedback Damages enemies when hit. 75
Siphoning Weapons recharge spellbooks. 75
Spellmaster Spellbooks have more charges 75
Sword Fire Pet Affinity Summons a sword fire pet. The pet will shoot fireballs at enemies. Possibly also attacks at melee range? 147
Technician Increased chance to find items when killing enemies. 75
Thick Skin Extra max HP and one HP now 75
Quick Charger Charge spellbooks faster. 48
Vampirism Weapons drain hearts. 75

Power Orbs

Name Image Description Price
Corpse Explonion Explodes nearby corpses. 75
Gust Shoots a tornado in front of you. The tornado will bounce off walls.

- Upgrade: 1 more gust and faster per upgrade / gust orb.

Mega Slash Charge up slash. 75
Spirit Tether Grappling hook effect. Fire a long line out, then pull yourself to a wall. Pull items and enemies to you. 75
Teleport Creates a shadow in front of you. Press the action button again to teleport to the shadow.

- Upgrade: Shadow travels faster and farther, you explode in lightning when teleporting.

Upgrade Powers up the player's current power orb.
Zenny Shot Consumes 20 zenny to fire a projectile. 75