Biography Edit

Stargrove is one of two playable characters in Ruin of the Reckless.

"They arrived at my village atop gilded horses laden heavy with treasure. Illustrious and strong, weapons at the ready, armor gleaming in the sun... they told me that they were adventurers, that I had the potential to be like them some day. 

No one in the village understood why I had to go!  So I slunk away in the dead of night, slipping beneath the trees. It wasn't long after I left that they appeared; a group of travelers in a nearby clearing. It was those same adventurers from the tavern!  I greeted them as friends. 

I was a fool....

I awoke to see a colossal tower looming in the distance. Somehow... I had never noticed it before. There it stood, ancient and terrifying, radiating an intense energy that called to my very soul.

I am still to have my grand adventure, and perhaps my revenge as well."

Endings Edit

Stargrove currently has two possible endings available. For more details, please see the Endings page.